China certainly knows how to have fun with their vegetation. If they’re not putting panties on peaches, they’re growing gourds in the shape of various religious and political figures.

China has a long history of making art and figures out of gourds and more recently the process has been simplified so that any Joe Schmoe can make his own Jesus squash or garden full of dangling Mao Zedongs. All it takes are some molds and a good ol’ green thumb.

Previously we looked at some baby-shaped pears, inspired by a similar looking magical fruit which granted extreme longevity to those who ate it in the traditional story Journey to the West. Due to their auspicious background, these fruits could make a nice gift for some special occasion.

You might think that it takes a high degree of bioengineering or agricultural science to produce these works of art, but really they’re just regular pears grown inside a plastic mold of a baby so that they conform to the shape.

But why stop there? They have the technology. They can mold plants better, faster, and stronger than babies. They can make Chairman Mao… or possibly that lady who looks a lot like him.

How about a Jesus gourd complete with a little cross on his back?

Of course, wherever Christ goes you know Santa’s not far behind looking to cut in on his action… with his big pipe or saxophone.

Yes the possibilities are endless, but for the ultimate in good-luck fruits you really can’t do any better than a sexy-lady-shaped squash.

According to the incredibly long promotional video for these molds, they’re great for improving children’s power of observation. It’s hard to disagree with that. If your child isn’t sharp enough to notice the father of Chinese communism and Jesus growing on their veranda, they may need some work on the art of perception.

The video also claims they’d make a great theme for an essay, for all you students out there. Sure, you might scoff at the idea as the summer vacation draws to a close but you’ll thank me later once the deadline to choose a midterm project comes up.

Source: 淘宝 (Chinese), Youku
Original article by Meg Sawai

Your standard baby pears.

And some more risque gourds.

The Mao mold comes with seeds and sells for 68 yuan (US$11)

There’s also Maitreya.


Santa Claus

A scary child

An old guy

A monk

A dragon

And of course if you were the founder of a company that made gourd people, how could you not make one of yourself?

These molds have become pretty popular.

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