A Taiwanese mother recently gave her daughter a makeover, but it wasn’t the little girl who enjoyed it the most. If kids say the darnest things, then parents must be the ones who pull the funniest pranks on their offspring, and then have the last, biggest laugh of all.

Most little girls, and perhaps even some little boys, have fun playing with makeup items belonging to their mothers or elder female siblings. I know I used to peek into my mum’s dresser drawer and sneakily put on her lipstick when she wasn’t looking.

However, the makeover this mother gave her little girl was not the typical vivid red lips or pink rosy cheeks–she drew on a bushy unibrow, a thick moustache and even a beard. From the conversation in the video, it seems like the girl was the one who wanted to become a boy at first, but subsequently regretted it after seeing herself in the mirror.

The mum repeatedly asked her daughter whether she thought she looked pretty. At first, the girl was fairly pleased with her mum’s work, but she soon started to regret it and gradually blew into a tantrum as her mother was gleefully laughing at her reactions.

▼ Mum: “Look, you grew a beard!”

▼ Daughter: “I don’t wanna grow a beard!”

▼ From behind, the girl’s little brother was heard saying “I want that too!”, and the girl immediately whipped her head around in shock. Why would anyone want such a horrible thing on their face?!5308964770152448

▼ Mum teases, “Now you’ve turned into a little boy,” to which the little girl protests fiercely, “I’m a girl!!”4754889024471040

▼ And then she starts begging her mum to get the beard off  her face.6538495996723200

▼ When the begging only works to make her mother laugh, she starts throwing a tantrum, “why did you draw such a thing on me!”6610067155582976

▼ Watch the full video!

We sympathize with the little girl at the traumatic prank her mum pulled on her, but at the same time, we couldn’t help laughing at her hilarious reactions. And seriously, that mother’s laughter is too infectious!

What was the funniest prank you’ve ever pulled on your kids or on a child? Share your fun times in the comments section below!

Source/images: Facebook