manhole cover 1

There are aspects of city life that people don’t want to draw attention to. Quick, what do you think of when you read “sewer”? Those who thought of the entrance to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lair, we know what generation you’re from! Most likely though you thought of waste and sewage, something that every city probably wants you to ignore! Most places don’t want to draw attention to what is hidden underneath the manhole cover, but RocketNews24 has shown you before that Japan isn’t one of those countries. China on the other hand doesn’t have a custom sewer cover industry. Their billions of manhole covers are destined to be boring slabs of cast iron.

Or are they….???

A creative soul in Shanxi Provence has taken to adding a little bit of fun and art to his streets. Using what is around him, Hu Yifan has incorporated manhole covers into some great pieces of art to brighten up his community.

manhole cover 4

Sometimes he paints just the cover itself.

manhole cover 6

manhole cover 5

But other times, he includes their location and shape to make his art really unique.

manhole cover 3

manhole cover 2

manhole cover 1

If you were to see these paintings on your streets, what would you think? Would you ask the artist to continue coloring the city? Or is it just random graffiti you’d rather not see?

Source: China News Service
Images: China News Service