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China’s wackiest entrepreneur-philanthropist, Chen Guangbiao, loves nothing better than a grand gesture. This summer he hosted an extravagant lunch for homeless people in New York – which ended mired in controversy when the $300 he promised each guest turned out to be a lump sum donation to charity.

And now his latest stunt – an extreme, 30-minute version of the ALS ice bucket challenge in which he wedges himself between blocks of ice and is drenched in a wheelie bin – has also attracted criticism. Some Chinese net users have accused Chen of using plastic ice cubes in the stunt, an 11-minute video of which was uploaded to his Weibo account.

The video opens with members of Chen’s team smashing up blocks of ice, while the recycling entrepreneur and philanthropist – who last year announced his intention to buy The New York Times – limbers up in some dashing red undies:

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▼ Time to take the plunge!

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▼ Team members begin to pour bucket after bucket of ice water on Chen’s head. Some netizens claimed that the ice cubes were plastic, saying that they didn’t appear to melt during the video, and that they were too regular in shape to be real ice.

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Next up, it’s time for some chilly aerobics, as Chen lies first on, then between some man-sized slabs of ice…
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…and then has his staff smash up the ice blocks on top of him.

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Here’s the boxes crammed full of yuan and US dollars that Chen says he’s donating to fight ALS:

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You can watch the video in full here:

Shanghaiist reports that Chen has refuted the accusations of fakery, saying Sunday that the ice cubes were real, and that he’ll eat some on camera to prove it. He also claimed that his training in kung fu in Shaolin Temple is what makes him able to perform physical feats others cannot.

But we weren’t expecting him to be fazed by the criticism. This is the man whose incredible business card declares himself “Most Influential Person of China” and “Most Well-known and Beloved Chinese Role Model”, after all.

▼ Who’s got two thumbs and is worth $750 million? This guy.

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Images: YouTube