Making a succinct sign can be tricky. You want to be economical with your words, but that can lead to the trap of be too vague. A good rule of thumb would be to assume you – the sign maker – is of average intelligence. This means a lot of people are smarter than you but just as many people are stupider than you.

That strategy might have stopped this poor koi pond manager from lowering his “Koi Food 10 Yen” to “Koi Food Free.” The rest of the sign in the following translation tells the sad tale.

“Last year ‘Koi Food 10 Yen’ was written. There were people who fed the koi in the pond 10 yen coins. This year it’s ‘Koi Food Free’ 1 bag per customer per visit.”

There are people out there who though that koi would be one of the very, very few Earth-bound creatures which enjoy feeding off pieces of metal, because it was indirectly suggested through its wording. Signs are serious business people. Be careful what you write!

Source: Agohige Kaizokudan (Japanese)
Inset Image: Wikipedia – Phucle