When was the first time you uttered a “bad word”? We all probably grew up with adults telling us not to say certain words, and that there were words that only adults could speak of. As a kid, blurting one of those “forbidden words” felt like something cool and thrilling, but now that I’m well beyond that age, such words have lost their significance as a big taboo.

Some kids, however, seem to be blurting out the F-word even before they’ve reached the age to be told that it’s an “adult word”. Of course, they’re not saying it on purpose, and that’s exactly what makes it so amusing and adorable! Frog it, we’re going straight to the videos after the break!

▼ Our attention was first brought to this little girl and her cute mispronunciation of the word “frog”. However, it seems like she’s not the only little one struggling with that notorious F word!

Did you have trouble saying “frog” as a child? Or perhaps you’ve had a few such laughs at your offspring’s efforts at pronouncing the word? I know for sure that I’ll be watching out for that magical word when I have little tots of my own!

Top image: Youtube (1, 2, 3, 4)