Recently, a weekend stroll around Tokyo took me to Roppongi, where I stumbled upon a giant replica of Godzilla, emerging waist-up from the grass next to a busy road. What ended up stopping me in my tracks was not the menacing monster with fluorescent blue spikes but the gaggle of girls running around his waist, holding up strange-looking perfume bottles as if to calm the beast with a spray of Chanel No. 5.

What the fashionable young ladies were actually doing came as a bit of a surprise; they were taking photos of Godzilla with iPhones in cases that resembled perfume bottles. It’s the hot new trend in China at the moment, and from the looks of things, we all might be following them soon as Sony has just released a perfume bottle that’s more than a case – it’s an actual Cyber-shot camera.

▼ Aww… what could make a cute pose even cuter? A perfume bottle in place of a camera!


▼ The Sony camera looks so much like a perfume bottle we wonder if they’ll actually release a fragrance in the future.



▼ The Sony KW1 is unique in that it’s specifically designed for selfies, with special features to enhance attractiveness, including functions to change skin-tones, enlarge eyes, remove shine or provide a digital face-lift.


▼ The specs appeal includes a 180-degree rotating lens, Swarovski crystal details, and a built-in LED flash.


▼ There’s also a self-timer with a countdown function and built-in Wi-Fi for sharing your selfies instantly on social media.


▼ The camera is available in four colours – white, pink, purple, or green – all with clear ‘lids’ to enhance the perfume-bottle look.


▼ And now, for your viewing pleasure, the obligatory collection of cute girls playing with the new gadget.






Source: The Vision Times
Images: Sony Style