The kabe-dons not just for humans anymore! Introducing the kabe-don-neko, here to make you swoon with his masculine pose and come-hither stare. Or more likely just give you a giggle.


On Weibo, China’s micro-blogging platform, this cat has been a hit for his perfect recreation of the already over-memed kabe-don – that totally not creepy move where a guy slams his hand against the wall to show what a badass yet secretly sensitive soul he is. We don’t know exactly who he’s trying to win over here, but apparently he continued the pose for around an hour, which has gotta get uncomfortable. Was he perhaps waiting patiently in the hopes of his lady kitty arriving, or was this just a new way of saying ‘feed me’?

And just where on earth did he learn this technique? Perhaps his owner left a few of her shoujo manga lying around and he picked up a few tips from them. He’s even got the smouldering expression down pat!

▼ “You are mine. I will never, ever give up on you.”


▼” …Ooh, shiny”


Source: Hyokan Sunday
Images: Weibo