Sports News QQ recently challenged sexy sports model Gui Jingjing to show off her very unique talent. Gui wasted no time in proving that she has humor and a set of enviable assets as she posted pictures proving how much her ample chest could contain. The answer? A tablet. Check out the rest of her quirky and slightly sultry photos too!

▼ First she sticks what appears to be a slim iPhone 5 into her cleavage…


▼ And then she challenges a slightly larger smartphone…


▼ That was clearly still too easy so she put them both in…


▼ And then what looks like a tin box with much more volume…still holding up fine…


▼ And then she blew our minds by holding up a tablet with no problem at all!


In line with the adventurous spirit at RocketNews24, I personally attempted the challenge as well, but couldn’t make it past the iPhone 5, so I guess this is some serious talent she’s got there. She’s also really cute, especially when she doesn’t have strange devices sticking out of her chest.

Source/Images: Lollipop