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About this time last year, we brought the story of a group of fans who spent over a week camped out on the sidewalk, just so they could be first in line to snag an iPhone 5S on launch day at the Apple Store in Tokyo’s Ginza. But while we can understand the appeal of the fun and comradery that comes from braving the elements with your fellow technophiles, we were a little shocked when we recently strolled by the same store in the swanky neighborhood and saw there’s already a line forming for the iPhone 6, which Apple hasn’t even announced yet.

Apple is going to be holding some sort of iPhone event this week. It’s scheduled to take place at 2 in the morning on September 10, Japan time, and really, that’s all we know for sure right now.

Sure, many people believe, and probably even more hope, that Apple is going to announce a new version of their immensely popular smartphone, but it’s just as possible that the company won’t. Likewise, the rumor that the iPhone 6 will go on sale on September 19 is currently just that: a rumor.

Still, some people believe they’ve worked out Apple’s timeline, and have already started lining up on the sidewalk in Ginza. At the front of the line are Mr. Tamura and his son, the exact same pair that were first in line for the iPhone 5S a year ago.

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The father and son showed up on September 6 and have already spent two nights out on the street. More specifically, they’ve spent two rainy nights out on the street, although the updates from their Twitter account shows their spirits haven’t been as dampened as the patch of concrete they’ve staked out.

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If you’re feeling inspired to join them, you should bear in mind that summer it pretty much over in Tokyo, and a long-sleeved shirt is the absolute minimum of what you’ll need to get through the chilly evening and morning hours. You should also be aware that even if you arrive right now, there will already be seven guys ahead of you in line.

While we definitely don’t want the always affable Tamuras to have wasted their time, we can’t help but be curious about how they’d handle the situation if Apple chooses not to announce the iPhone 6 this week, or if its debut turns out not to be until spring or later. Will they pack up and go home, or reason that it’s only a matter of time until Apple eventually releases a new phone and stay put right where they are? We’ve still got a few days until we can say either way, but in the meantime, you can find us warm, dry, and indoors.

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