I’ve never had a pet cat, but my friends who do are always posting pictures of their cats getting in the way of their studies and work, asking for attention at the most untimely moments and making themselves comfortable in the oddest places.

It’s not hard to imagine why a manga artist would be inspired to create a manga about cats, especially if they had not just one, or two, but four cats sprawled all over their work space all the time. Check out the four playful felines that are always inspiring and getting in the way of Japanese manga artist Keito Yoshikawa’s work!

Keito Yoshikawa is a manga artist with several ongoing titles, among which the most popular series is 片桐くん家に猫がいる (Katagiri-kun Ie Ni Neko Ga Iru), which revolves around the life of the main character, Katagiri-kun, and his three cats.


There’s little doubt that the inspiration for this series came from the kitties in Yoshikawa’s house. Have a look for yourself!

▼ Yoshikawa has four cats at home, and they just love invading the artist’s work space.

▼ “I’ve got your seat~”BxANaN_CAAAL8nl

▼ Under the desk…proxy

▼ Peering down from the top of the shelf.Bv97c4_CMAETxxg

▼ Causing typos since the invention of keyboards.Bm86IsPCYAAkvM7

▼ “Hey, high-five me.”Bm86RmrCYAAfvgO

▼ Sprawling all across Yoshikawa’s manuscripts.Bu7Y0ZVCYAEgZJ1

▼ “Not gonna let you work, yo!”Bu1xsYBCMAAGKez

▼ And they automatically gather around the table whenever there’s fish for dinner.BrYNzVaCcAAQi4z

▼ But their ultimate favorite activity is to hang around the monitor/tablet.BwiBrP0CEAABBgR



▼ Most of the time they just lounge around…BwwxEHUCEAIfs9p

▼ But they sometimes seem to have opinions on the artist’s work.BwrFFh9CIAAZPJl

▼ “Huh? You haven’t started? You’re gonna miss the deadline, ya know.”BcMERUICMAEvUf9 (2)

▼ “What’s with that look on her face?”Bl1f85zCMAASTde

▼”No no no… let me show you! Give that to me!”Bl1gDvQCUAAyx6A

▼ We all know who’s the boss.BxANicqCIAAeANs

▼ Yoshikawa laments about waking up to find all four cats snuggled up and snoozing.

It must be really fun yet annoying at the same time to be working with so many fuzzy distractions sprawled around your computer! Who knows what these furry fellas would be up to next. Follow Yoshikawa on Twitter to find out!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Twitter, Comic Bunch