Almost as soon as the ALS Ice Bucket challenge emerged as a massive, viral trend, the haters began to bemoan the waste of water and public showboating. While it’s easy to understand the position–whose Facebook feed hasn’t been filled with posts of friends taking a nice splash this summer?–one thing you can say for the challenge is that it’s raised quite a bit of money. This has left the conversation open to the counterattack “Nee-ner nee-ner nee-ner!” and the charge, “Why don’t you come up with something better?”

Well, look no further, haters, because this daring group of Chinese financial analysts has you covered…by getting uncovered themselves.


Let’s be honest here, one of the best things in life is taking your clothes off. It’s liberating, sexy, and often hilarious–though we think we can agree half-time streaking is pretty much lame at this point. So, if you’re looking for a reason to bare it all but keep coming up clothed, you might want to join this Chinese group.


In addition to sort of getting naked, the group is posing with a sign that reads: “Take the strip challenge, boycott the ice bucket challenge; being frugal and conserving while giving love is the right way to go.”


Apparently this photo opportunity is as much a protest of what they see as wasteful water usage as it is a call for charity. In fact, the group doesn’t even mention ALS, which we suppose isn’t the point anyway, but the signs on the buckets read “ice bucket,” so there’s little room for misunderstanding.


The group is apparently calling for “low-carbon charity,” which seems to be their term for charity without being wasteful. While it’s probably not going to catch on any time soon, we have to say we kind of like it.

They also included photos of the group putting their clothes back on. In case you thought they might have walked home that way…?



While “no clothing for charity” isn’t exactly new, we’re not sure how well this is going to catch on. After all, the ice bucket slinging seems to be dying out, so they may be a month or two late to the party. Nevertheless, we certainly do appreciate the group for taking their clothes off–sorry, we mean for sharing their opinion in such a creative way!

Sources/images: The Nanfang, Eastday