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In recent months, there’s been no video game or anime franchise more popular among Japanese kids than Yo-Kai Watch. The story of kids teaming up with traditional youkai spirits (some of whom look like adorable kitty-cats), seems to have landed right in the sweet spot between adventurous, cute, and traditional, making it a huge hit for creator Level-5 (and promotional partner McDonald’s).

As a matter of fact, Yo-Kai Watch has even been gaining traction against Pokémon, the reigning champion of kids’ entertainment in Japan for the last decade-plus. Now, one fan seems to be turning Yo-Kai Watch’s towards another anime institution, by combining its characters with the giant robots of Gundam.

For casual fans who just want to have a figure to pose on their shelf, it can be pretty hard to see the appeal of model kits that you have to put together yourself. The payoff for all that extra work, though, is the ability to fine-tune the finished product just as you like. For some people, that might mean a custom paint job, or recreating the battle damage of a famous scene. Or, in the case of Twitter user Taku Morino, grafting the head of one of Yo-Kai Watch’s cat spirits onto the body of the RX-78 Gundam.

▼ Do his dual burning tails provide extra propulsion as he flies through space?

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Technically, this is the SD, or “super-deformed” version of the original Gundam, with stubbier limbs and a stockier body that really help accentuate the silliness of that face. Tweaked proportions aside, though, it still wields all of the combat accouterments of Japan’s most respected mecha, including its beam rifle, shield, and beam saber.

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Don’t let its playful origins fool you, either, as Mobile Suit Yo-Kai is more than capable of stabbing an adversary right in the robo-face, just before being overcome by pathos and dampening the battlefield with tears.

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This true soldier is quick to recover psychologically, though, as he’s back to smiling in almost no time.

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What sort of inspiring content does that book hold, that it could bring about such a sudden change in his mood?

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Ah, pictures of bikini-clad catgirls. Well, whatever he needs to take his mind off the horrors of war is his business, and who are we to judge his methods?

▼ Enjoy your well-earned rest, brave, horny warrior.

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Source: Hamster Sokuho
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