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We’re sure there are more than a few Disney fans amongst our readership, but we’re not certain any of you have ever shown your love of Mickey and his friends in quite this way. Spotted at Tokyo Disneyland in (you guessed it!) Tokyo (just kidding, the park is technically in Chiba. Nice try.), this pair of plushy pals seem to have an extreme appreciation for their favorite characters and they want everyone to know it!

As you can see, each backpack has miniature stuffed animals and pins covering every available surface. Our friend on the left seems partial to Donald and Daisy while the one on the right has a thing for Winnie the Pooh, or “Pooh-san” as he’s called in Japan.

Disney fans in Japan

We’re guessing they spent A LOT of money on their collection, considering Disney paraphernalia is among the most marked-up goods. Although we wouldn’t spend all of our hard earned cash the same way, at least these two have a more wholesome hobby than some otaku in Japan. So keep on collecting, you two! Maybe some day you’ll have enough plush toys to cover the straps and entire bottom of your bags!

Source: Agohige Kaizokudan