Just when we thought Japan might possibly have had enough of Disney’s Frozen, what with the balloon art and the convenience store snacks and the limited edition PlayStation 4 and darn it, it might as well be winter seeing as how EVERYTHING IS FROZEN ALREADY –  along comes an adorable, androgynous cosplaying dancer to breathe new life into our movie-spinoff-weary existence.

This is IG, and he’s the frontman of our new favourite thing: a kooky rendition of Ari no mama de (the Japanese version of ‘Let it go’) choreographed by CRE8BOY. Join us for a video delight that’ll melt even the most cynical icy heart.

CRE8BOY says his mission is to make playful dances that people want to join in with. We certainly think he’s achieved his aim with this number!

Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and wonderful inside?

In case you can’t watch the video now, here are some shots to let you know what you’re missing!


▼Somebody went to ALOOK?


▼ We reckon IG should think about entering an international cosplay competition or two.


▼ Apparently the video has caused some confusion online, with viewers assuming (not unreasonably!) that the leading man was CRE8BOY himself.



▼ He clarified the situation (“that’s IG-san!”) on Twitter.


When he’s not having fun with Disney lip synching, CRE8BOY choreographs routines for groups like AKB48 spin-off DiVA, and Rev. from DVL, the idol group featuring that girl Kanna that everyone thought was too cute to be true last year. If this is the kind of stuff CRE8BOY gets up to in his free time, we’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next!

Source: CuRAZY
Images: CRE8BOY/YouTube