What would you do if you ran a pet food store and were struggling to sell novelty items like “Nyan Nyan Nouveau” cat wine? Reduce the price? Run a two-for-one offer? Take photos of your own cat lapping the stuff up and build a display around the poor-selling product?

How about resorting to barefaced honesty?

In October last year, we documented the arrival of Nyan Nyan Nouvaeu, a special alcohol-free “wine” intended just for cats, which shipped in miniature wine bottles and even featured an image of a pair of posh pussies enjoying a tipple. At the time, the drink’s makers advertised it as something that, even if their cat showed no signs of actually wanting its own booze, owners might still enjoy giving them a glass – or perhaps a saucer – while they themselves pop open a cheeky Shiraz.

It turns out that Nyan Nyan Nouvaeu’s makers weren’t far off the mark – cats really don’t want to drink, and it seems that at least one pet food store is struggling to unload the stuff.

Case in point: this photo, shared earlier this week by a Japanese net user, which shows a handwritten sign placed below rows of the aforementioned feline tipple.


It’s rare for a businesses to openly admit that a product is a waste of time and money, so we have to admire this store’s gall in presenting Nyan Nyan Nouvaeu thusly:

90 percent of cats won’t drink this.
Wine for cats, Nyan Nyan Nouvaeu
To be completely honest, most cats won’t drink this. But this product was made specifically for people who said ‘[My cat] won’t drink it, but I want to give it to them anyway!’
Maybe they’ll drink it…”

Next week, poo-flavoured cereal. Your kids will refuse to eat it, but we know some of you secretly want to give it to them anyway!

Source: Agohige