RocketNews24 has seen plenty of hot babes and cute girls, both real and not-so-real. I don’t know about you, but even as one of the contributors to this site, whenever I see an article with a portrait image of a girl splashed across the top of the page, my mind usually winds up with two questions: “Is this a guy?” and “Could it be Photoshop?” The Internet’s a dangerous place after all, as you know.

So today, instead of leaving you to guess if the babe featured in this article is a dude or not, we’ll just cut to the chase. Rest assured, there’s no crossdressing or genderbending in this one. There is, however, a bit… wait, make that A LOT of Photoshop involved. Or perhaps just a lot of eating. You’ll see what I mean after the jump!

Those of you who are familiar with Japanese adult videos would probably have come across Sola Aoi (or Sora Aoi), one of the handful of AV idols who are so popular they enjoy a celebrity status within and even outside of Japan. Well-known for her sweet looks and super shapely body, Sola Aoi is one of the few Japanese adult video actresses to have a huge fan base in China.

We all know China has a notorious reputation for rip-offs and “inspired” creations. They might not have gotten to the stage of cloning famous people yet, but they’re rather fond of using celebrity-related aliases in marketing gimmicks to hype up the name of an unfamiliar face. Hailing as “Little Sola Aoi” is a female DJ, Auna Chan, who is marketed as a “super model DJ” for her “devilish hot bod” and “angelic looks”.

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Besides gravure modelling, it seems that Auna makes appearances in R-18 deejaying stints at night clubs, performing in skimpy bikinis. As seen on the posters, the hype of these events are not actually the music nor the drinks, but the va-va-voom bikini babe DJs.




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However, these photos taken of Auna Chan at the events have left internet users wondering if the organizers got into any trouble for a mild case of fraud…


▼ Wha…w-where’d that sultry Auna go?

Photoshop, you mischievous thing. Stop fooling around with our feelings like that! How are we to trust any photos any more?

Most of the event marketing images we found were dated some time last year, the latest event taking place in January this year. This is purely speculation, but, perhaps the circulation of Auna’s real life photos changed the minds of event organizers who were keen on having “Little Sola Aoi” perform at their joint? Perhaps they ought to ride on the marshmallow girl wave and change their marketing strategies for DJ Auna!

Source: CK101
Images: CK101, BuYeCheng, Barmap