olice 5

Becoming a member of any strictly regimented group or organisation requires tremendous discipline. In order to make the cut in the armed services or police, one must be prepared to dedicate themselves entirely and cast off any prior notions of entitlement or superiority. Each and every rookie is equal, and must be moulded into the exact same shape by their instructors.

Some, it would seem, more than others.

As their name suggests, the Republic of China Military Police exists somewhere between an everyday police force and the country’s actual army. They play a supportive role for the Chinese military in times of need, assist in disaster response activities, and as well as conducting counterterrorism operations are tasked with guarding important political figures and buildings year-round.

It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that these guys aren’t allowed to turn up to work with a paunch and doughnut crumbs on their face – these guys need to look the part too.

Believed to have been taken during training for a parade, the following photos show a group of military policemen being taught how to stand, move and look in perfect unison. Their each and every move is perfectly orchestrated, with their instructors utilising a number of special tools to correct their form and posture, even if it means drawing a little blood from time to time…

▼ Wires attached to poles dictate the height at which the men should extend their arms

police 1

▼ A person’s height, it would seem, matters not a jot – their arms must be in line

police 2

▼ Not standing straight enough? Here’s something that will help!

police 4

▼ The true test of a man’s posture – an upside-down cap

olice 3

▼ And, lest any of the men should have trouble keeping their chin up…

olice 5

Sometimes I forget how easy I have it sitting on my arse all day writing words. Thanks for the reminder, China!

Image source: Acid Cow