Human sexuality can get pretty complicated–which is awesome if you ask us! We think it’s pretty great that more and more people have found the freedom to be themselves and express their (consensual) desires in a positive way.

And when it comes to complex sexuality, it seems that Thailand may be one of the most diverse places on the planet. While you may have any number of ideas about what sexuality is like in Thailand, we’re guessing you’re not familiar with Toms or Dees…

In many Western countries, Toms and Dees would probably simply be considered lesbians, though apparently the Thai women in both groups don’t quite view themselves that way. While the exact dynamic is a bit unclear to outsiders (like us), it seems that the basics are pretty straightforward. Toms, a term that comes from the English word “tomboy,” are women who dress, look, and speak like men. For example, Toms will use the masculine personal “Krap” instead of the feminine “Kha” and wear baggy clothes with their hair trimmed to look “manly.” Allegedly they will even tape their breasts down to look more flat chested, though we haven’t peeked in anyone’s shirt to find out if that’s true.

▼We’re too distracted by Gunmila Whitesmith‘s sexy face.

whitesmithInstagram (Diyar Donavanik aka Gunmila Whitesmith)

On the other hand, Dees, a term that is said to come from the English word for “lady,” dress and act in an extremely “girly” way. Dees are thought of as being very beautiful and go out of their way to fit the stereotypical image of “feminine”–with the exception that they love Toms instead of men.

Of course, many Dees would probably tell you that Toms are better than men, if the Internet is to be believed. And judging by some Toms’ Instagram photos collected by Coconuts Bangkok, we’re thinking the Dees might be on to something. Check out some of the sexiest Toms in Thailand below!

First, here’s Sunanta “Nan” Yuraniyom, a pop singing Tom who came to the public’s attention thanks to her appearance in a singing contest.  Not our favorite music, but not bad either!

Lalana “Jeab” Kongtoranin, pictured below, actually got her start as a beauty queen–the picture at the top of the article is a comparison of her from back in the day and now. Regardless of her haircut, Jaeb is one sexy person!

▼And also a Tom & Jerry fan, apparently.

jaebInstagram (Lalana “Jeab” Kongtoranin)

The grinning hottie below is Puwarin “Zee” Keenan, another pop singer. While most Toms are known for being utterly devoted to their Dee, Zee is apparently famous as a bit of a womanizer–and was also once stabbed when she didn’t return another girl’s unrequited love.

▼Who could stab that face??

zeeInstagram (Puwarin “Zee” Keenan)

Supanat “Tina” Jintaleela, the sexy Tom pictured below, is a well-known actor in Thailand. In fact, her fame took off as a result of her first role in a movie depicting a relationship between a Tom-and-Dee couple.

▼Perhaps we can expect an all-selfie sequel.

tinaInstagram (Supanat “Tina” Jintaleela)

With 128,000 followers on Instagram, Qwaa Phunnutta, below, is certainly one of the most popular Toms in Thailand. We can certainly understand why! She even appeared in a “hottest Tom” contest for the magazine @tom act, though somehow managed to not win.

qwaaInstagram (Qwaa Phunnutta)

The Tom actor pictured below, Saruda “Babymild” Kiatwarawut, is famous in Thailand for her role in Hormones, possibly the most aptly named high school TV show ever. The show, which has earned a large following thanks to its realistic portrayal of teenage life, has also gotten some unwelcome attention from Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. The NBTC is apparently unhappy with the show’s honesty and is considering censoring some scenes.

▼You can’t censor those eyes though!

babymildInstagram (Saruda “Babymild” Kiatwarawut)

The athletic hunk below is Patcharee “Som” Anantaweerach, who is an artist manager for a record label. In addition to working out and keeping artists in line, Som is also apparently involved with a cookie company somehow. We’d buy whatever she’s selling…unless it’s an ass-kicking. We’re definitely not in the market for that.

somInstagram (Patcharee “Som” Anantaweerach)

While we may never have a Tom to take of us, at least we can still admire these photos! And try not to be too jealous of the lucky Dees…

Sources: Coconuts Bangkok, CNN, Wikipedia, Pattaya Unlimited
Top image: Coconuts Bangkok