okame inko
We haven’t got the slightest clue why anyone would categorize girls as different types of birds, but if there’s anyone who likes categorizing humans according to the most random things around, it has got to be the Japanese. We’re not even talking about blood types or fingernail shapes here.

We’ve heard of cat and dog type girls, cabbage roll guys, marshmallow girls, sausage bread guys… and now to join the ever-expanding lineup of categories are bird type girls. Not to mention, they’re not just talking about birds in general, there’s even a breakdown into different bird species. Whaaaaat?

Unlike marshmallow girls or sausage bread guys, which are categories that relate to certain physique types, the categorization criteria for bird type girls focus on the behavior and personality traits of girls. What kinds of bird type girls are there? Let’s take a look!

▼Bourke’s Parrot/Parakeet
She is slightly reserved, has a cute voice, and warm and calming personality. However, she seems to be lively and popular at night.
akikusa inko

She has a great sense of rhythm (a rapper, maybe?) and exceptional sense of direction, and her head bobs about when she walks. You’ll feel like she’s constantly watching you.

▼ Lovebird
She is devoted and loving… VERY loving. However, she also gets extremely jealous.
love bird

She wants to be pampered, and tends to show her armpits when she’s delighted or having fun. She loves to sing (but isn’t a great singer). She also goes into panic mode rather easily.
okame inko

▼ Budgerigars (Shell Parakeet)
They love hanging out together, and smell nice. They are also talkative… but fall silent all of a sudden at times.
sekisei inko

▼ Green-cheeked Parakeet
She is cheerful and jolly, and tends to get excited. She loves to play pranks on others. She sleeps facing up (that’s normal for humans though…).
uroko inko

▼ Sparrow
She wakes you in the morning, but is difficult to get close to. She tends to put on weight in winter. Somehow she seems to give off a “childhood friend” vibe.

▼ White Java Sparrow
She looks beautiful. She is quick-tempered, but will come to you wanting to be pampered… but tends to end up getting angry anyway.

▼ Java Sparrow
She is very cool and well-behaved. She has an air of aloofness… but often ends up getting angry too.
sakura buncho

Halfway through the list, we started wondering if these illustrations were describing birds as girls, or girls as birds. Well, whichever way it works. We’re not sure if any girls would be happy being categorized as a bird though. But just for the fun of it, which bird type girl do you relate the most with? Tell us in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Kari on Twitter