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While the works of Studio Ghibli are widely loved in Japan, they exist in a sort of special realm outside ordinary anime fandom. Totoro, Kiki, and their kin may be universally respected, but they’re so much a part of the country’s shared pop cultural heritage that they don’t inspire the same sort of passionate, individual connection that you see with newer animated characters with a narrower target market.

Things are a little different in the west, though, where for many people, the films of Japan’s most hallowed animation are a more recent discovery. That new-found enthusiasm sometimes provides the spark of inspiration that leads to some amazing expressions of fans’ love for the characters, as shown in this collection of beautiful Ghibli cosplay.

Starting at the very beginning, Nausicaa gets to join the Ghibli party through a bit of a loophole, since 1984’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was created by many of the key personnel who would go on to form Studio Ghibli just one year later.

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Here we see the princess with her mentor, Lord Yupa. The pair seems to be searching for something, perhaps more modern clothes in order to blend in with those around them.

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Laputa’s Sheeta, on the other hand, wouldn’t look out-of-place on the pages of a fashion magazine or at a swanky restaurant with this ensemble.

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Sometimes, Ghibli characters aren’t just fashionable, they’re fashion, as this couple shows.

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▼ Since Totoro did such a good job looking after Mei and Satsuki, apparently this kid’s parents decided he and his crew would make great babysitters for their child as well.

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Just like that tyke above, this pint-sized Kiki proves you’re never too young to cosplay.

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And this young lady reminds us that being a few years older than the character doesn’t mean you have to give up on your costumed dreams either.

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Portly pig pilot Porco, from Porco Rosso, is firmly planted on the ground without his signature seaplane.

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Of course, Spirited Away’s Haku doesn’t need a plane to take to the sky, since he can just shape-shift into a dragon.

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For more magic, here’s a bona fide magician, in the form of Howl, seen here away from his moving castle.

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Sophie, rocking the silver locks she has for most of her adventure with Howl

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Wolf Princess San looks as fierce and proud as you’d expect from a girl raised in a primeval forest by giant wolves.

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Fish girl Ponyo, though, appears a lot more cheerful, whether due to her mother’s gentle guidance or her upbringing near the quiet fishing town of Tomonoura.

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And finally, we come to Arrietty.

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Ghibli’s smallest heroine has a pensive look about her. We’re not sure whether it’s the result of worries about her friend Sho’s health or the future of Studio Ghibli itself, but either way, we hope everything turns out alright.

Source, images: Labaq