Sometimes when you’re hungry for a delicious, savoury treat, even regular bacon isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need WILD bacon.

Spotted at an undisclosed bakery in Japan, this unusual creation appears to be naught but a giant slab of tender pig meat, not so much in a bread roll as with a bread roll clinging to its side like a koala on a tall, albeit it pink and greasy, tree.

Refreshingly, the photo of the product and the sandwich itself aren’t entirely dissimilar, as is often the case with fast food items (yes, McDonald’s I am looking at you), and it really looks like bacon fans in Japan are in for a treat since the sandwich may even rival Burger King’s already very generous “Ninja burger” in terms of meaty goodness. We just hope they prefer their sandwiches to be two-parts meat, one part bread…


At 570 yen (US$5.20) for a single Wild Bacon “hot sand”, though, this salty snack certainly doesn’t come cheap. And with that tiny bread sliver barely managing to hold onto the meat’s rind, we can foresee some definite handling issues, so this isn’t a snack we’d especially like to tackle on-the-go.

Still, full marks for effort, Japan! Perhaps a little more bread next time.

Source: Agohige Sokuhou