It is often said that female idol groups are the saviors of excitement-deprived male soldiers toiling in the army. In China, however, it seems like the army has gotten its own idol this time. Joyin, a new member of the Chinese army, caught the attention of netizens and gained international fame when her pictures were uploaded on social media. Click on the full article for more of a different kind of ‘uniform girl’.

Student photographer Yan Jiajun from Zhejiang University in China takes pictures of the military indoctrination ceremony every year and uploads them on social media. This year, netizens spotted the beautiful Joyin amongst the other newbie soldiers. Some have even commented that they wouldn’t mind joining the army just for her.

▼ She can be sexy




▼ Innocent


▼ And even cute while drinking water


We are not even sure anymore if these were actually taken at a modeling shoot for military uniforms. Would you join the army for such a cute lady?

Source/Images: Stomp