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As fun as it is to step into the shoes of a video game RPG hero for a few hours, imagine how it would be to live your whole life, day in and day out, under the in-game rules and systems. Some of the differences would be pretty inconvenient, such as a mysterious force preventing you from ever going anywhere with more than three friends at a time. Others would be a definite plus, though, such as working hard at your job periodically making you not only more intelligent, but stronger, faster, and luckier, too.

But perhaps the weirdest change would be knowing that anytime you left your neighborhood and wanted to go from Point A to Point B, there was a chance of monsters randomly appearing, like two Japanese businessmen thought was happening to them when they spotted what looked like a Dragon Quest slime car on the expressway.

For reference, here’s what the hugely successful Square Enix role-playing series’ signature monster looks like.

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And here’s what Twitter user Crexian saw from the passenger’s seat of a car being driven by his boss.

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It turns out Crexian’s boss is a bit of a gamer. He’s currently into Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light, the latest smartphone title in the franchise, and thought the slime-like car might be some kind of rolling advertisement for the title. Announcing he was going to try to catch up with it, he instructed Crexian to be ready to snap a picture.

That’s probably not the sort of assignment Crexian expected when he punched into work that morning, but still, he was happy to oblige. Unfortunately, once they pulled even with what they’d thought was a speeding slime, they found something a little less exciting for would-be fantasy warriors.

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It turns out the car had nothing to with Dragon Quest, and instead is a promotional vehicle for air conditioner manufacturer Daikin.

▼ Obviously…?

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Daikin has been in business since 1924, and that kind of long-term success doesn’t come without proper marketing. In Japan, that means having a cute mascot character, which for Daikin comes in the form of Pichon-kun.

▼ I don’t know about you, but this sure makes me want to flip on the AC.

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To celebrate his 10th year as Daikin’s pitchman, in 2009 the company created the Pichon-kun car, a modded Daihatsu Move Latte.

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So remember, should you spot this blue compact, fight the compelling urge to attack it as you would a genuine Dragon Quest slime. Not only are the traffic police unlikely to take kindly to any impromptu bumper car shenanigans, given the car’s true inspiration, you won’t even be able to offer the flimsy excuse that you did it because you needed the single gold piece for gas money to get home.

Source: Game Over
Top image: Twitter
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