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Here in Japan, we’ve still got a couple of weeks to go until our next public holiday, when Sports Day comes up on October 13. Workers in China, though, can look forward to a day off much sooner with National Day of the People’s Republic of China on October 1.

The holiday marks the founding of the nation, and many people choose to spend their time off by visiting family members. The travel rush seems to have already started, but with a country as large as China, some passengers are in for a long ride back to their home towns. But when you’re spending hours upon hours on a train how do you get some shut-eye without springing for a sleeper car? By being inventive and literally flexible, as these photos show us.

One of the tricky parts about sleeping on a train, as opposed to an plane, is the lack of seatbelts, and often armrests too. Without them, falling asleep can translate into falling out of your seat all too easily, which is why this man decided to appropriate the headrest cover to anchor his cranium in place.

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However, his rig has a downside (well, actually three downsides, if you add in how ridiculous it looks and the probable infrequency with which that cover gets thoroughly washed). He’s got no way to turn his head, and if the route the train is following has the sun shining through the window in front of him, its rays are going to be hitting him right in the face, which can’t be conducive to restful sleep. What he really needs is something like this harness/sun shade.

▼ It’s perfect for people who can’t sleep with the lights on, but can manage just fine without oxygen.

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Should you find yourself with a window seat, you can tie off the bottom of the curtain for yet another way to support your head, provided you can relax enough to sleep knowing you’re one slip away from placing your full body weight right on your throat.

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Honestly, though, these guys are all novices, since they actually require a seat for their trip to Slumberland. A true master doesn’t need to be sitting down.

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We agree that the guys curled up on the floor don’t look particularly cozy. That said, we’d like to know how it’s any more comfortable sleeping with one leg kicked up over your head.

You know what? Scratch that. What we really want to know is, what’s the advantage to sleeping with both legs kicked up over your head?

▼ Putting your toes at eye-level of your neighbors does seem to buy you some extra elbow room, but when doing so involves locking your face that close to your own butthole, it’s kind of a zero-sum game, isn’t it?

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Speaking of personal space, it’s a little easier to share when you’re traveling with your romantic partner, since you won’t mind your shoulders brushing against each other. One drawback to this relaxing atmosphere, though, is that if you’re both so at ease you doze off at the same time, there’s no one left to close you and your beloved’s mouths.

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Another pitfall of travelling with your significant other is the temptation that can come from being in close physical proximity for such a long time. Perfectly encapsulating that is this pair, in which the boyfriend can’t fall asleep without motorboating.

▼ And/or leg humping

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Seriously, you two, when someone says “Get a room,” train tickets don’t count.

Source, images: Toychan