In Japan, a wide variety of bento, onigiri and other ready-cooked food are commonly available in convenience stores and supermarkets, in addition to the vast selection of instant and frozen choices. With such food readily available at wallet-friendly prices, not to mention they taste rather decent too, it’s little wonder why there is an increasing number of Japanese youngsters who don’t or can’t cook.

As seen in previous attempts, cute illustrated girls are effective in gaining the interest of the younger generation. Combining cute illustrated girls in skimpy lingerie and suggestive poses, with girl-on-girl action and hints of incest, and matching said illustrations with cooking instructions, however, would probably not appeal to the wide masses. Bizarre as that may sound, such a cookbook does in fact exist. We’re just not sure if the illustrations are actually supposed to whet or kill our appetite.

As you might expect, some of the illustrations are NSFW…

The “gourmet comic” publication titled 母娘と姉妹をおいしくいただく15の方法 (Oyako to shimai wo oishiku itadaku 15 no houhou; 15 ways to deliciously eat mothers-and-daughters and sisters) is produced by doujin circle Poisson Rouge.

Just as the suggestive title suggests, the cookbook teaches you how to whip up dishes using ingredients that are “mother and daughter” (such as chicken and egg) and “sisters” (such as tomato and eggplant).

Oyako-don (oyako means parent and child, while don refers to a rice bowl), a one-dish meal that consists of chunks of chicken cooked in sweetened broth and egg served on rice in a bowl, is the most commonly known example among the “mother and daughter” recipes. Other recipes include cod-fish and mentaiko (seasoned cod roe), and lamb and mutton.

▼ Part 1: Oyako-don103




“And that’s where eggs come from…”
Too much information, mum.oyakooishiku_02

The book also contains seven “sister” recipes that feature ingredient combinations such as tomato and eggplant, taro and konjac, and assorted types of mushrooms.

▼ Part 2: Shimai-don (shimai means sisters)109



All 15 recipes are detailed with full-color photographs showing serving suggestions, which is probably a good thing if your motive of buying this book is really to learn how to prepare these dishes.

▼ Poisson Rouge has also previously published similar “gourmet comics” introducing the ways to prepare fish, and how to select a suitable kitchen knife.




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Cooking instruction books are great, I could use one any day. Comics with sexy and cute girls in erotic poses are awesome too, I guess. The combination of cookbooks and 2-D girls pooping eggs? Now that’s a little too much for me to stomach. That said, I’d probably still choose this to pick up cooking skills from this book over a cookbook that teaches you how to prepare meals using condoms.

Perhaps some of you Rocketeers have a stronger stomach than I do? Tell us what you think of this innovative recipe book in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
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