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Tokyo’s Nakano Broadway is mainly known for its anime specialty shops, but that’s not all you’ll find if you make your way to each corner of the shopping center’s labyrinthine interior. Inside you’ll also come across an old-school video arcade, suit tailor, watch store, and painting workshop for tabletop role-playing game lead miniatures.

But what we’re talking about today is what awaits visitors in Nakano Broadway’s basement: just about the biggest ice cream cones we’ve ever seen.

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Daily Chico offers a pretty extensive selection of ice cream flavors. Aside from old standbys like chocolate and vanilla, customers have spotted green apple, banana, yuzu (a type of Japanese citrus fruit), caramel, and even sesame on the rotating menu. With so many tempting choices, it can be hard to pick just one or two, which is why Daily Chico’s fans are thankful for the stand’s extra-large cone.

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In case you’re too busy wiping the drool off your smartphone or keyboard to count, that’s eight different flavors piled atop each other. Starting from the top, there’s Tochi Otome strawberry, chocolate, mocha, vanilla, melon, grape, matcha green tea, and finally ramune (a popular type of Japanese fizzy cider).

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Some might argue that’s enough ice cream to last for a lifetime, but Daily Chico actually gives customers a reason to come back and order another after enough time has passed. While you can pick what flavors you want for small and regular size orders, the eight varieties in the extra-large cone are pre-set but change periodically.

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Even the regular size, seen here on the left, is a pretty generous portion.

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Speaking of generous, the extra-large cone is incredibly cheap, with a price of just 390 yen (US $3.60).

Satisfied customers report that Daily Chico’s ice cream isn’t overly sweet, meaning that some true fans can polish off a whole jumbo cone by themselves. Not everyone is up to such a challenge, though, and you’ll also see couples and families sharing one of the colossal treats.

By the way, if you feel the need for a more nutritious meal before tearing into the gigantic octo-snack, Daily Chico also serves udon.

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It looks like it tastes pretty good, too. Still, we can’t help but feel all those noodles would just take up precious stomach real estate that could be used for more ice cream.

▼ When it looks like this, you want to save plenty of room for dessert.

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Restaurant information
Daily Chico / デイリーチコ
Address: Tokyo-to, Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-52-15, Nakano Broadway, basement level 1
東京都中野区中野5-52-15 中野ブロードウェイ B1F
Open 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Source: Naver Matome
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