Do you still remember what kabe-don is? A couple of months back, the Japanese cyberspace was abuzz with the trending word “kabe-don”, which basically describes the situation of one person pounding their hand(s) on a wall and entrapping the another between themselves and said wall. A pretty convenient word, I would say, as you can see the number of words I just used to describe that scene otherwise.

Almost three months down the road since that much-talked-about Cup Noodle commercial aired in Japan, the buzzword has yet to show signs of fading into the abyss of the Internet in the fashion that most trending topics tend to. Instead, after seeing improvised versions such as mata-don, here comes an intensified version: KABE-ZUBO. Read on to see what it looks like!

“Zubo” is an onomatopoeia word which imitates the sound created when something fits smoothly and perfectly into a space.

With that out of the way, exactly what does kabe-zubo imply? Check out the short manga that Japanese illustrator Sora Ohno created below to find out!

▼ Guy: “Why are you shivering?”
Girl: “B-because…”

▼ Girl: “…you’re really…really close…”
Guy: *soft laugh*

▼ Guy: “As long as I’m doing this… you’re not getting away……”
Girl: “Ugh…”

▼ Behold, kabe-zubo in its full glory!

▼ She still managed to get away though.


Apart from kabe-zubo, Sora Ohno also came up with another version that is probably the most powerful and dangerous kabe-don we’ve seen, known as the kabe-zun! Also based off onomatopoeia, “zun” imitates the sound of extreme speed just like how a sports car goes “zoom” in English.

▼ Kabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-

▼ -zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!

These two versions definitely pack a punch, but are somewhat lacking in the romance department, which was supposedly the charm point of the original kabe-don. Sora Ohno scores high in the humor and creativity departments though, don’t you think?

If you enjoyed the illustrations, see more of Sora Ohno’s work on Twitter!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Sora Ohno on Twitter