Christmas is coming up, and if you are wondering whether you should get gramps another boring old tie pin or golf shirt, may we humbly suggest a skull- or dragon-shaped walking stick of death?!

This ad was spotted by a user of the message board Agohige Kaizokudan (The Bearded Pirate Collective).


▼ He’s smiling because he could totally cut you if he wanted to.


For the low, low price of 6,458 yen with tax (about US$60), your grandpa can hobble around in style with one of these aluminium-topped canes with concealed stabbing device inside! The dragon apparently also has a button to make the eyes flash. Gramps be the envy of every fellow at the senior center and you can bet those damn kids will get off his lawn when he starts waving this thing at them!

We tried to find more information about where one might purchase such a thing, and there appear to be similar models on the popular online shopping site Rakuten.

▼ Also this gem of an ad.


▼ Man: “I didn’t know they made walking sticks that cool!” Woman: “Yeah, walking would be so fun with one of those!”


This shop also has a gun version. Because why shoot something when you can shoot-stab it?!


Ah, internet, so full of treasures. No need to thank us for finding these awesome canes. The look on your grandpa’s face when he opens his present this year will be thanks enough.

Source: Agohige Kaizokudan 
Images: Agohige Kaizokudan, Sunpro Net Shop