Internationally famous Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, is known for their simplistic designs, affordable yet durable furnishing systems, and let’s not forget, their annual IKEA catalog, the awesome idea book that is packed with a myriad of interior possibilities. The best part? It’s free.

There are plenty of things you could do with an IKEA catalog after you’re done with your sofa shopping. You could recycle it, use it to prop up the uneven leg of your cranky coffee table, or let your pets have it as a new chew toy. I particularly enjoyed using mine as a coaster. A Japanese Twitter user used hers as a backdrop to create interesting snippets of the TIGER & BUNNY gang’s imaginary daily lives. Check them out!

Remember earlier this year when we first saw a cosplayer dressed as TIGER & BUNNY’s Wild Tiger in IKEA Singapore’s advertisement? This would be the second time we’re seeing Wild Tiger posing against an IKEA-stylized backdrop, though this time, no cosplayers were involved in the photoshoot.

Japanese Twitter user Ayaka visited IKEA last month and brought home with her a copy of their annual catalogs. She mentioned in her Tweets that she had a lot of fun at IKEA, but from what we see, she seems to be having even more fun after her virgin trip to the furniture megastore! Realizing that her TIGER & BUNNY figurines were just the right size and fit seamlessly into some of the stylish interior shots in the catalog, she began capturing these convincing “daily life” shots of the superhero crew in their IKEA-furnished living quarters.

▼ Tiger is quite the musician, apparently.

▼ And Barnaby is quite the fashionista. We totally knew that.

▼ Barnaby: “You didn’t forget to buy milk, did you? I reminded you like five hundred times…”
Tiger: “I… was very sure I put it in the grocery bag… it just… somehow vanished…”


▼ Tiger, baking? We hope he has a fire extinguisher somewhere…

▼ Barnaby appears to be rather confident in the kitchen, as usual.

▼ Ryan spending some quality time with Molly on his new IKEA bed.

▼ Who would have thought Lunatic actually had a wardrobe.

▼ “Tiger & Bunny” taking a final check in the mirror before heading out on a date.


A change of perspective and it’s a whole new world! Do you have some magazines and figurines lying around? Perhaps you could create your own side story for your favorite characters!

Check out Ayaka’s Twitter to see more of Wild Tiger and Barnaby’s “private life” snapshots!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Ayaka on Twitter