Japanese males, from a young age, seem to be obsessed with the idea of flipping up a pleated skirt. At long last, there is a product, which unapologetically caters to that desire that has long been repressed. The name of that product is: “Skirt-Flipping Calendar 2015” (Sukaato mekuri karendaa 2015).


Designed to resemble a schoolgirl’s uniform, complete with knee-high socks, each layer of the skirt has the days of the months printed on it and the final layer can be pulled back to reveal a pair of panties. Because the calendar only features the lower half of the body, it can easily be combined with a poster of one’s favorite idol, model, or anime character.

The “Skirt-Flipping Calendar 2015” goes on sale October 27th and can be pre-ordered on Amazon JP.


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