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China is the biggest emerging market in the world. The booming middle class is quickly becoming upper-middle class and they are all looking for the next cool thing that will distinguish them from their lowly middle-middle class friends. With a large amount of open space outside the big cities, China is developing a lot of suburbs which seem to draw their inspiration from the townhouse wonderlands of the US. This may work in theory, but sometimes, a number of different factors can turn a dream town into a ghost town!

When done right, these suburbs can turn into a luxurious, overindulgent “No.1 Village Under the Sky“. But when it goes wrong, it goes very wrong. Take Jing Jin Xin Cheng (Jing Jin New Area), in Tianjin for example. What started off as another over-the-top deluxe suburb has now turned into a genuine ghost town. The vegetation and the landscape have grown wild and are now used as feeding areas for local livestock, and the concrete skeletons of dozens of buildings stand open to the elements, seemingly abandoned mid-build.

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No better price than FREE for a toilet!

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From October 1, 2014, each developer in the area has lowered their asking price for property by an astounding 30%. But the reaction from the consumers is still a big, fat “No, thank-you!”

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▼ By night, the near total lack of residents becomes especially obvious.

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The plans make the area look pretty sweet, with nice waterfront locations guaranteeing some pretty fantastic views. However, you need more than a picturesque location to make a good home. Planners didn’t factor in conveniences like the proximity of public facilities such as parks and schools, nearby businesses or public transportation. Anyone who has ever played SimCity would have thought of these things.

Their house designs look to be ripped straight from SimCity too.

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Developers and the Tianjin government haven’t quite given up on the suburb yet, as they still plan on increasing the number of townhouses to around 8,000 with 200,000 people living there. Fingers crossed this lonely little town finds some residents soon!

Source: newsclip 
Images: Xinhua