The pixellation magicians at CineFlix’s ‘8 Bit Cinema’ have given Frozen a retro video game makeover, retelling Disney’s phenomenally successful fairytale in three minutes of old-school graphics fun, complete with a glorious 8-bit soundtrack.

Yep, the video is cool, but it’s the awesome rendering of the movie’s songs as chiptunes that really impressed us the most.

The video contains spoilers. But you probably guessed that, seeing as it’s a retelling of the whole story, and all.

▼ Do you wanna play a SNES game? It doesn’t have to be a SNES game…


8 YouTube/8 Bit Cinema

(Pedant alert: the graphics here are actually predominantly 16-bit, but as the makers of ‘8 Bit Cinema’ point out, “we can’t just change the name of the show.” Just think of 8-bit as shorthand for pixellation – everyone else does, anyway.)

‘8 Bit Cinema’ has given all kinds of movies the pixel treatment, but it’s particularly fun to see a computer-animated movie rendered in this way, as it reminds us just how far animation has come. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube/8 Bit Cinema
Top image: YouTube/8 Bit Cinema