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We spend a lot of time looking at our favorite Disney characters. With all the attention we shower upon them, we wouldn’t be surprised if, by this point, they’re all absolutely convinced that we want to know what they’re up to every single moment of the day.

So really, we wouldn’t blame Ariel, Alice, and the rest if they all started snapping selfies and sharing them online, like in this fan art that looks at what we could expect if Disney characters had Instagram accounts.

The awesome drawings come from Italian artist Simona Bonafini. A graduate of Milan’s Politecnico di Milano technical institute, Bonafini now works as a freelance graphic designer, but has enough creative talent to spare that she’s can share her imaginings of how some of animation’s most famous figures would use social media.

For example, Alice isn’t passing up the chance to photographically preserve her party in Wonderland.

▼ The buck-toothed, geriatric Mad Hatter from the animated 1951 Alice in Wonderland seems to have been swapped out for Johnny Depp’s rendition from the 2010 live-action version, although with much less makeup and a stronger jawline.

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Social media can be a great way to keep in touch with old friends and meet new people. It’s also the quickest and most efficient way to show off your rockin’ bod to anyone with an Internet connection, as Ariel knows.

▼ Living under the sea means Sebastian has no shortage of saltwater to throw in Eric’s game.

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This sort of exhibitionism isn’t limited to girls on the beach, either, as Hercules proves by displaying his sculpted abs.

▼ Zeus responds like most dads would to seeing their son take a picture of his own abs.

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Bonafini knows that if you introduce photos to the world of Disney, you also introduce photo bombs, which are a lot easier to pull off when you can fly.

▼ Grow up, Peter.

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And since selfies are always easier to pull off with a reflective surface, Bonafini couldn’t pass up the chance to implement the most famous mirror in Disney’s animated canon.

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Seriously cool artwork, but since it responded to the Evil Queen, now we can’t help wondering what the Mirror on the Wall has on its Instagram account.

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Source, images: Gizmodo