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There is something thrilling about finding people who like the same things as you do. You finally get the chance to gush about your passion with people who can match your enthusiasm. And when like-minded people get together, they come up with some weird ways to show their love for their particular fandom.

Take this recent Twitter hashtag. The trend is for girls to post an honest drawing of yourself as a male high school student with some personal information. While a lot of girls are posting some pretty ridiculous drawings re-imagining themselves as high school boys, girls who identify themselves as “fujoshi” have posted some pretty over-the-top renditions.

What is a fujoshi, you ask? Well, in Japan, the general term for a nerd or geek is otaku. You can be an otaku for pretty much anything, a car otaku, a cooking otaku or even a RocketNews24 otaku, but it’s most commonly associated with anime and manga. But since the word “otaku” has a negative connotation in the Japanese language, some groups of fans have decided to come up with a new name for themselves. In this case, female fans of the “boy love” genre of anime and manga have taken to calling themselves fujoshi or 腐女子.

These “lovers of boys” have really taken to this trending hashtag and are putting their artistic talents to use. Obviously, most of them are choosing to draw their alternate high school selves in the boy-love style, which is very similar to the shojo style.

Ako-kun suffers from low blood pressure and anemia!


Is often asked if he is angry, even when he’s not


Often told he looks like someone they’ve seen before


Also included on the top left, what he looks like when he has a stomachache


Low voice and bad penmanship, things that can be improved with practice!


Easy to anger, but also forgets quickly


No. 1 sleeper in his class

Says he’s 160cm (5’2″) but is really 155cm (5’1″), seems to be in love with his teacher


Has bad eye sight, but is the class representative for P.E.


At 189cm (6’2″), he might be our tallest boy yet!


Likes the indoors and rolling up his sleeves


It’s certainly interesting to see how some people envision themselves as high school boys. A lot of these artists seem to be abnormally tall! Is this really what they are like? Or is something else going on here? A concerned commenter wrote, “Isn’t this just drawing handsome men and putting their info on the side?”

How a “normal” girl is following the trend


Either way, it’s always fun to share your creativity with the world. Sometimes it’s nice to reinvent ourselves for those tumultuous high school years. The reverse hashtag of men drawing themselves as high school girls does exist, but it’s nowhere near as popular as the boys hashtag.

How would you draw yourself as a high schooler of the opposite sex? As always, let us know in the comments.

Source: Momiage Chashu
Top Image: Twitter (@mmmiiiio)