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Local elections are coming up soon in Taiwan, and one of the positions being contested is Magistrate of Hsinchu County. With more than 500,000 constituents, the title comes with a pretty hefty amount of clout, and challenger Cheng Yung-chin, who occupied the office during the early 2000s, is hoping to reclaim the seat.

So to help boost his campaign, the politician has released a video to show voters the kinds of things he values: tranquility, nature, and shapely, bouncing breasts.

I’m not going to criticize the video for not really saying much. After all, political ads are usually more about eliciting an emotional response than genuinely engaging voters on an intellectual level. As a result, no points are being taken off for the context-free scenes of the natural scenery and cityscapes of Hsinchu County. The swelling music, which seems to subtly imply “Only Cheng Yung-chin is up to the task of preserving all this!” also gets a pass, because it’s a trick every politician uses.

What most would-be government leaders don’t do, though, is make the focal point of their ads a young woman in a low-cut tank top and short shorts.

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The dialogue-free video follows 23-year-old model Gao Jia Lu, also known as “Shir,” on her solo bike tour of Hsinchu County, with occasional pauses to emotionally gaze at her surroundings, or to write something down in her traveler’s journal.

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Along the way, the names of the locales she passes through briefly flash onscreen. We’re not sure any male viewers are going to bother to read them, though, since that would mean taking their gaze off of Miss Lu’s beckoning bosoms and body line.

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As a red-blooded man, my knee-jerk reaction is to accept a woman showing off plenty of exposed skin as natural and justified. Even the model herself says that during filming none of the locals made a fuss over her skimpy attire. It’s almost enough to make you start believing she simply chose an outfit that was light, breathes well, and gives plenty of mobility for a full day of bike riding.

That becomes a little harder to swallow, though, once you hit the video’s 1:39 mark, where she makes a point of riding over a cobblestone street with the expected bouncy result.

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The video pulls the same trick not 20 seconds later, when Shir hits a patch of particularly uneven asphalt.

▼ Isn’t proper road maintenance part of the County Magistrate’s job?

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Add in a shot of the rider stroking a shaft as her crotch mugs for the camera…

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…and that’s a wrap!

Cheng Yung-chin’s video has been garnering a lot of attention, and also a dose of criticism from those who don’t agree with its lowest-common-denominator tactics for currying votes. But hey, you know what they say about politics. It’s a dirty business.

And in Taiwan, at least sometimes, it’s a dirty, sexy business.

Source: Toychan
Images: YouTube