You might remember the On The Roofs duo from last February when they ventured to trespass and scale the world’s second highest skyscraper, Shanghai Tower. They then uploaded videos for our entertainment – that is, if your idea of entertainment includes watching young guys in imminent danger of falling 632m (2,073-ft) to their death.

The Russian duo of Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov are back again with a new, slightly less nausea-inducing video, “What’s up Hong Kong?” The now renowned rooftop photographers headed a four-man party on their recent visit to Hong Kong, specifically, to the China Online Centre building in the Wan Chai area. But, this time they added a new challenge to their trespassing antics.

Their goal here wasn’t just taking photos from the skyscraper like usual, but instead they wanted access to what is on top of the building- a huge TV screen used for advertisements. The video captures every step of the way on GoPro cameras and a drone, including everything from walking around the city and buying disguises to the path they took to the top, and of course, their final accomplishment.

▼Gotta have that selfie on the roof of the China Online Centre.

Hong Kong Climbers 1

After taking their obligatory selfies 200 meters in the sky, they took their criminal deeds to the next level. The group broke into the monitor control room for the giant screen and hacked into the system to upload their own video, featuring their Shanghai Tower climb, to play for the entire metropolis to see.

▼ Mission: Complete! The team hacked their way into the advertisement screen.

Hong Kong Climbers 4

While breaking into skyscraper roofs isn’t really what I would call normal, how calmly and smoothly they manage it is even stranger, dare I say, impressive. Maybe they just live for the thrill.

▼ The four-man group just hanging out above Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Climbers3

So, what’s up next for On The Roofs? According to the description on YouTube, this video was recorded only hours before their flight to Tokyo. Maybe they have their sights set on Japan’s very own Tokyo Skytree! Next time you’re in Tokyo, keep your eyes peeled, you might just see the duo sitting at the top of the 634m (2,080-ft) broadcasting tower! After all, being the tallest tower in the world, how could they resist the temptation?!

Video: YouTube (on the roofs)
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