On October 20 in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, a bus driver on his usual route made a sudden, unscheduled stop. The reason? To purchase some tasty-looking fish from a street vendor. According to passenger and eyewitness reports, the driver suddenly pulled to a stop by the roadside (no bus stop in sight!) and hopped down from his bus to purchase “several” fish, before hopping back into his driver’s seat and resuming his route. But was this a sudden impulse buy, or did the driver just really, really need some fish?

Netizens have postulated that perhaps the man’s wife had tasked him with picking up some fish for dinner and he had forgotten, leading to a sudden impulse to buy in order to avoid his wife’s wrath. Or perhaps there was just a really good deal going on those fish. Whatever the reason, his fish stop provoked plenty of discussion, with one netizen even claiming that they’d seen this kind of thing before – “I’ve seen a bus driver stop like this, only that time it was to grab some breakfast.”

▼ ”Gimme three of the freshest. I’ll gut ’em myself.”

Unfortunately for this driver, his hankering for fish might land him in a whole heap of trouble. It turns out that the bus company doesn’t take kindly to their drivers making unscheduled personal stops, and have assembled a team to crack down on such behavior. If found guilty, the driver in question could be facing a fine of 100 yuan (US$16). Or, much like the fish he bought, he could find himself on the chopping block – by being temporarily suspended from duty!

Let’s hope the fish were at least tasty – it would be a real shame to get hauled in front of the boss for the sake of some sub-par seafood!

Source: Xinhua
Images: Wikimedia Commons (Fawcett5), Xinhua