I like looking at beautiful things, and bishounen (which literally means beautiful youth/young man) characters in anime and manga are one of my favorite types of eye candy. Cosplayers, whom I like to think of as mysterious fairies capable of transcending past the boundaries of gender, age and reality, are the amazing people who bring these beautiful 2-D characters into our 3-D world.

Here at RocketNews24, we’ve seen many male cosplayers who sometimes look even prettier than actual girls when they’re dressed in their costumes, so we’re turning the tables this time for a change. Meet Lita LY, a South Korean female cosplayer who looks cute dressed as female characters and bishounen characters as well!

I’m not a cosplayer, but from a viewer’s perspective, I’d imagine that it is a challenging feat to achieve a convincing cosplay of bishounen characters as they are in a league of their own; male characters with a male’s body physique but delicate, beautiful facial features like that of a female’s, yet still retaining a hint of masculinity in their slender chiselled faces.

But just as there are male cosplayers who look stunning as cute girls, there are female cosplayers who look great as beautiful boys, and Lita LY from South Korea is one of them. First, let’s check out her cosplays as female characters!

Now it’s gender-bending time!

I have to admit, I think it’s rather cool to be able to pull of such drastically different looks. I’m even slightly envious of Lita’s capability to do that. Do you think Lita looks better cosplaying girl characters or guy characters? Leave us a comment below!

And check out Lita’s pages to see more of her cosplays!
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Source: Zhaizhai News
Top Image: Lita LY’s Facebook