Having trouble finding love? Have a bunch of money you just don’t know what to do with? Are you Chinese, over 1.75 meters tall, under 30, rich and generous?

Then congratulations! You fulfill all the requirements to earn yourself the privilege of spending a fortune for a night together with this Taiwanese girl who is recruiting “temporary boyfriends” to fund her travels across China.


The – objectively very attractive – woman sparked a social media firestorm when she posted on several popular Chinese sites that she was seeking a series of temporary boyfriends who would show her around each of the cities she planned to hit on her trip.

Oh, and it would also be great if they could go ahead and pay for literally everything.

In exchange, she said, each of the guys would have the privilege of cruising around their hometown impressing their friends with a beautiful woman on their arm, and get to spend one night together with her. It’s unclear if awkward stranger sex that you’re technically sort of paying for is implied.


Opinions seem to be mixed about the social appropriateness of the woman’s proposal, with some arguing that it’s bordering on prostitution, while others say it’s harmless; equating it with a sort of luxury version of the standard backpacker mainstays of hitchhiking and crashing on people’s couches.

I say more power to her. She’s done her due diligence in laying out the ground rules and, honestly, if you’re the type of guy that meets all the girl’s requirements and actually wants to do something like this, then you’ve probably got more money than you know what to do with and spending it to hang out with a beautiful girl is a better use of your cash than, say, burning barrels full of it in the streets to get a reaction out of people. Just.


Source: The Shanghaiist
Photos: Sina News