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Given my pick of cars, I’ll always chose the one with rear-wheel drive. All else equal, it tends to give more maneuverability than front-wheel drive, and weigh less than an all-wheel setup.

Still, there are times when it’s good to be able to put power down through your front tires, as shown by this video of a Chinese woman’s daring rescue of her about-to-be-towed car.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by Owen Prescott, opens with a man and woman arguing in front of her SUV.

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Having been illegally parked, the vehicle has a clamp on its rear wheel and is hooked up to a tow truck, with the man ready to take it away. We’re not sure whether Chinese law allows for a driver in error to make restitution on the scene before their car is taken to the impound lot, but legal fine points aside, the woman is in no way swayed by the authority implied by the man’s bright orange jumpsuit and angry gesturing.

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Eventually, the she decides she’s grown tired of having fingers pointed in her face, and hops into the driver’s seat of her car, despite the fact that only its front wheels are in contact with the ground. Meanwhile, the tow truck operator points at the boot on her SUV, adding a few kicks to emphasize just how crazy she is.

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Sure, she’s crazy. Crazy like a front-driving fox, that is.

Let this be a lesson to everyone who works for a towing company. Hooking up a violator’s car is like handcuffing a criminal to yourself. Sure, it ensures they can’t get away from you, but it also means you’re putting yourself at risk of being dragged into crazy adventures you didn’t bargain for. And while that might lead to some hilarious hijinks where you learn you both have more in common than you’d ever imagined, you might also end up losing your ride home and means of income all at once.

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