Meet Ms. Deng Yuanyuan (鄧媛媛), the stylish, beautiful Chinese biology teacher who’s been sending shockwaves across the internet in the past week. Looking just as at home in the classroom as she would gracing the cover of a fashion magazine, Ms. Deng has reportedly become the envy of Chinese students everywhere. Join us after the jump for a look at this modern career woman!

  • Ms. Deng, the goddess of Jinlin

According to Chinese media, Ms. Deng is originally from Sichuan Province, China. She currently teaches at a middle school in Jinlin City, the second-largest city of Jinlin Province in Northeastern China (right above the Korean Peninsula). Chinese educational law mandates nine years of compulsory education for students, however differences in the terminology of “middle school” between Chinese and Western institutions mean that we’re unclear about exactly which grade levels Ms. Deng teaches. We do know that she was hired at this current school in 2012 and is acknowledged by students and staff alike as a veritable “goddess.”

▼”Hi! I’ll be your new teacher for the next year ♥”


  • No slacking during class!

At approximately 180 cm (5’9”) tall and with her long, straight hair, we almost couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the following photos of Ms. Deng helping her students conduct science experiments with microscopes and beakers. Also, is that mini-skirt part of her typical teaching attire? It looks more like something we’d see a model at a motor show wearing. No wonder it’s said that none of the students ever doze off during her class…

▼At the very least, you’d think she’d tie her hair back while doing an experiment.




  • Brains over beauty

But don’t you dare chalk up Ms. Deng’s success to good looks alone! Her looks may have caught the attention of the online masses, but in the words of her own students, “The reason for her popularity isn’t just because of how beautiful she is–she’s really good at explaining things, so don’t get the wrong impression!”

We guess that makes her both a professional at teaching and a professional at stealing our hearts.


Original article by Meg Sawai
Sources/Images: Duowei News, Youth.cn, Sina Weibo (all Chinese), Toychan Net (Japanese)
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