What did you see when you looked at the above picture? There’s two potential options and only one of them reflects reality, although both give an insight into how dirty or clean minded you are.

Seeing is believing, right? But when it comes to optical illusions, that doesn’t hold true. With an optical illusion the eye sends information to the brain that is interpreted based on our assumptions of the world, rather than its objective reality. To see through the illusion requires readjusting your outlook from what your brain thinks you see to what you actually see.

However, not everyone falls for these illusions – did you?

If the first thing you saw was a pretty girl crouching down amongst some pebbles then congratulations – you have a pure mind. If you’re anything like me, you recoiled and wondered why the heck it wasn’t behind a NSFW cut, while simultaneously feeling eager to read on and see if it was for real…and then you took a closer look and realized what an idiot you were. For those of us in the second camp, we should probably wonder just what assumptions of the world our brains have to make us see this picture of a sweetly smiling lady the way we did. For those in the first camp, I think it’s best if we just leave you to work out the illusion on your own. Remember, once seen it cannot be unseen.

Image source: ejin.ru
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