So we’ve previously found out that cats have a certain fixation with circles, and have the tendency to plop their furry bottoms down in one, which basically goes to say that you can easily create a cat trap just about anywhere you want, as long as you’ve got some tape on hand.

Cat owners of the Internet went on to experiment and proved that you don’t even particularly need tape. Here are some of the tested and proven improvisations of “cat circles” that seem to work just as well! Check them out!

Some cyber citizens have gotten around to calling this neat cat trapping method a “cat circle”, but as it appears, the felines don’t seem to be very particular about the shape of it. Results may vary with your furkid though.

▼ Hexagon…
Not sure why it works, but I love that it does! - Imgur

▼ Pentagon…
I don't understand why the hell this works but it pleases me. - Imgur

▼ Square/rectangle…
Finally! Success! - Imgur

▼ Even triangles work.
Circle did not work. Triangle, however, did. - Imgur

No tape? Not to worry. Here are some everyday items that managed to attract a curious kitty into their confines just as well.

▼ As we’ve seen previously, cables seem to be a popular choice.
Circle (well sort of) Success! - Imgur

I trapped a cat in my CAT - Imgur

▼ Scarves, blankets, or whatever fabric, make nice comfy cat circles too.
Scarf circle. - Imgur


This is seriously a thing.. - Imgur

Flapjack the Cat in a Circle - Imgur

▼ Belts make great circles, of course.
Some kind of black (cat) magic - Imgur

The cat circle works, stayed in here for 5 minutes. - Imgur

▼ Footwear. Works if your cat doesn’t mind the smell of your feet.
My theory is he thinks it's a portal and is attempting escape. - Imgur

Salma is taking this Cat Circle craze one step at a time. - Imgur

▼ Fruit loop!
I didn't have any tape, so I improvised. - Imgur

▼ Need something on the go? Try retractable items like this measuring tape.
This seems to be working on older cats as well (15 yo) - Imgur

▼ This awesome rainbow halo of an LED strip. Kitty disco!
led strip cat circle - Imgur

▼ Carpets and rugs with circular designs work like a cheat code.


▼ In case you didn’t know, this “cat circle” thing appears to attract some canines too.
I think my dog may secretly be a cat - Imgur

Instructions unclear. - Imgur

If you have yet to try this with your cat (or dog) because you were reluctant to paste tape on your floor, now you know how you can work around it. Let us know if you’ve had any success with your furry pals in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Imgur