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Japanese animation and video games have a long-standing tradition of creating cute and/or super powered versions of prominent figures from the country’s history. In the U.S., we don’t really do this as often, and you might jump to the conclusion that the deck is stacked in Japan’s favor, seeing as how so many of their rulers were also katana-carrying samurai.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll find plenty of action protagonist potential among American presidents, from Abraham Lincoln’s wrestling skills to Andrew Jackson’s well-documented love of shooting dudes. And as for making them adorable? Leave that to Utah artist Brandon Dayton, who’s reimagined nine Pokémon as U.S. heads of state.

No hall of presidents would be complete without the father of our Pokénation, George Warshingtortle, whose shell would protect him should any cherry trees he chop down happen to fall back on top of him.

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Is that a copy of the Louisiana purchase in Thomewoth Jefferson’s tail, and if so, did he have to spend the gold coin that’s usually stuck to his forehead to complete the transaction?

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Charmandrew Jackson’s smile may not match the stern countenance of America’s seventh president, but Old Hickory would approve of the threat of violent mayhem expressed by his flaming tail.

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Martin Van Buren was actually the second shortest president, which stands in stark contrast to the two-meter (six-foot seven-inch) Mewtwo, but the psychic Pokémon doesn’t look to be in any mood to debate such quibbles.

PP 4

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen Pikachu look this grumpy, but when you’re busy trying to add Texas and the entire Pacific coast to the union, we guess it’s hard to find the time to smile.

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How much Civil War bloodshed could have been avoided had Abraham Lincoln possessed Lickitung’s powers and just paralyzed the Confederate army with his saliva?

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Similarly, would Grover Cleveland’s have rivals dared to make political hay out of his allegedly fathering a child out of wedlock if he’d had a body of solid rock to go along with his majestic mustache?

PP 7

Moving into the modern era, we feel sorry for anyone who ended up on inferno-breathing Richarizard Nixon’s enemies list.

PP 8

And finally, we hope that Jimmy Carterpie’s life after the close of his lackluster single-term administration is better remembered for his efforts to build homes for the needy, and not the Pokémon’s tendency to produce noxious odors when threatened.

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Dayton sells prints of his presidential Pokémon for US $8 each here through Etsy, where he also offers other cool creations. We recommend ordering in bulk to plaster your neighborhood or school campus with. It’s the best way to get the word out ahead of election season, and every vote counts if we’re going to get those One Piece Straw Hat Pirates out of office.

Source: Kotaku Japan
Images: Etsy