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We’re still pretty happy with our new iPhone 6, but if we’re being completely honest, just a bit of our euphoria has faded. Sure, we were all giddy smiles on launch day (especially since we were first in line, again), but truth be told, we’re already on the lookout for the next big thing.

So imagine our excitement when we saw a print ad for a new apple product, and yes, that’s apple with a lowercase “a.”

Taroan, which was founded in 1949 in Fukushima Prefecture’s Aizubange, may not have the same worldwide recognition as Cupertino’s Apple Inc. Still, you don’t last more than six decades without being good at what you do, and what Taroan does is make and sell confectionaries.

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Some of Taroan’s products are traditional Japanese fare, like the sweet mochi shown above. But in its latest advertisement, the company wants to remind everyone that they make Western-style sweets too, such as apple pie.

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Unfortunately, Taroan’s linguistic skills aren’t quite as advanced as its baking talents, since the capital “A” clearly indicates that we’re talking about the electronics company and not the fruit. Even setting that aside, no, apple pie isn’t made by apple, it’s made with, or from, apples.

But hey, the ad sure got our attention, and since one of the few things cutting-edge smartphones can’t do is taste good, now we’re left with a serious craving for a slice of apple pie. So while Taroan gets a D+ for its English, it gets an A (as in apple) for effort, not to mention results.

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