2014.11.01 drug dealer wedding 1

Between bad dates and missed connections, ever feel like true love is a myth invented to sell flowers and chocolates at arbitrary times of the year? This story straight from a Chinese prison may be able to warm your cold, jaded heart and renew your hope in love.

A man serving an almost eight-year sentence for dealing drugs recently married his sweetheart in one of the most elaborate weddings you will probably ever see in a correctional facility.

When Wang Zhi (pseudonym) was arrested last year for drug-dealing, his then-girlfriend was apparently caught off-guard by Wang’s chosen profession. But instead of dumping him when he went off to serve time for his crimes, she decided to stick around and even visited him every month at the prison in China’s southwest Sichuan province.

▼ The happy couple shows off their love during a prison visit

2014.11.01 drug dealer wedding 4Image: Sina

Obviously the woman’s family was less than thrilled about the her choice in men, and the fact that Wang had a child from a previous marriage probably didn’t help the situation.

▼ A family outing to the prison

2014.11.01 drug dealer wedding 2Image: Sina

Prison officials apparently approved the union and helped out in putting together an outdoor wedding that the couple will never forget. Although the bride wore a gorgeous white dress, Wang was sporting his chic blue prison uniform for the ceremony.

▼ Wang and his bride say their vows in what appears to be a correctional officer-themed musical number

2014.11.01 drug dealer wedding 3Image: Sina

▼ By the power vested in me by the Sichuan Provincial prison system, I now pronounce you convicted drug dealer and wife

2014.11.01 drug dealer wedding 1Image: Sina

No details on the honeymoon were released, so we can only speculate on what romantic spot of the prison campus they will be visiting. But we wish the happy couple the best of luck!

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