I’m sure most of us have had the experience of doodling in our textbooks while the teachers droned on about all the math that we realized later in life we would never use. In fact, my personal specialty was decorating large chunks of text with elaborate frames of vines and flowers. Sometimes I even added fruits.

But some creative students in Korea took their doodling to a whole new level by giving the textbook figures clad in outdated fashion complete makeovers. Some of these doodlers were so talents the final result even looks like manga or manhwa!

In middle or high school, the content in textbooks rarely strays from the standard themes, and material often focuses on things like historical figures and places, so textbook illustrations tend to look extremely old-fashioned and decidedly uncool.

Some trendy students in Korea were having none of that, though, so they took it into their own hands to update their textbook illustrations in line with modern aesthetics. The results are hilarious – and kind of impressive!

▼ This plain boy on the left gets a K-pop style sweeping haircut!


▼ Ancient love story transformed into modern high school romance comedy


▼ This gentile-looking lady on the left becomes a cool kid with highlights in this trendy cut


▼ They sure exercise in style in Korea…


▼ With a wig and some heavy mascara, anyone can look like they came right out of a school drama.


▼ This father figure on the left turns into hot, smiling, ‘oppa’ with some doodling!


▼ Somebody looks a little out of place in the countryside…


▼That much-coveted slender chin


▼ We’re not sure what the dude is doing but they sure look good!

Which one’s your favorite? And more importantly, which of these new styles is going to need updating first?

Source: Kotaku US
Images via: Dogdrip, Instiz