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The undeniable success of Disney’s Frozen can be best understood in the inspiration fans continue to draw from the film almost a year after its release. From stunning Halloween costumes to absolutely horrifying Halloween costumes, in addition to all sorts of fan creations.

Recently, though, a new fan-service creation has appeared in the form of computer-generated illustrations of Elsa and Anna wearing qipao (or cheongsam), and as you might expect, the image left the internet applauding.

Breaking with the original setting of the movie, these illustrations reimagine the characters wearing ornate Chinese garb. What gave the artist the idea to use qipao isn’t entirely clear, but we have to admit that they do suit the character models surprisingly well! Though Elsa’s tiara does seem to clash with the overall aesthetic just a little.

▼Elsa looking moody as usually.

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▼A rare smile from the Ice Queen–we guess she likes the outfit!

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▼Anna seems confused…maybe wondering how she got there.

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Qipao (also known as cheongsam) are obviously “traditional” Chinese clothing, so we’re not sure exactly why the sisters from Frozen would be wearing them. That said, we wouldn’t mind seeing a story from China turned into a CGI Disney movie. Though we wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t follow history too closely…

And if you’re wondering what “Let It Go” would have sounded like in Mandarin, here’s the official version featuring Yao Beina. We thought it was pretty awesome, but give it a listen yourself.

And for a different kind of frozen in China, here’s a guy that drove across the frozen Yellow River…

We’re thinking Elsa missed a golden business opportunity! She should give up that whole queen thing and take to helping people get around toll booths for cheap.

Images: Frozen-Constable+ via Vision Times