Cute cosplay

The art of cosplaying just got a billion times cuter with the release of this photo on Twitter. Achieving the Holy Grail of cosplayers by looking like an anime character without the use of wigs, makeup or elaborate costumes, this adorable young toddler nails it with a set of pigtails and two chubby fists.

Although her fists say “beat ’em up” more than “gosh-darnit-look-how-cute-I-am”, there’s no denying the power of chubby cheeks and a tiny smile when it comes to emulating your favourite anime character.

The toddler’s doppleganger in the anime world is a girl called Nico Yazawa from the popular anime and manga series “Love Live!” (ラブライブ! Rabu Raibu!). Nico is the youngest-looking member of a fictional group of school girls who become idols to stop their school from shutting down. Known for her childlike looks and behaviour, her name is reminiscent of nico nico, to smile.

No news on the name of this cosplaying youngster, who’s received more than 16,000 retweets, although net users like to call her Nico-chan.

▼ And now for a final dose of awww…

Cute cosplay

Source: ハム速
Photo: @N_STN